We’re serious about making learning seriously fun.

Begin Bright early years and primary school programmes are designed to be adaptable and can be delivered by multiple methods, including online and face to face. They are supported by the Begin Bright workbooks and resources as well as parent-led programs for learning at home. Our attitude to learning and the support of children’s individual learning needs ensures that we provide the best possible education for children.

Begin Bright programmes are designed to make learning fun! Written by education experts, our programmes for 2 to 12-year-olds are hands-on, age and stage appropriate while giving children support and guidance with literacy, mathematics, and science.


Play With Purpose

Play with Purpose starts children’s learning journey from 2 years of age with creative and fun lessons that build on children’s natural curiosity. Supported by parents, children are introduced to literacy, numbers, craft, science and music through fun and interactive activities. They are also strengthening their fine and gross motor skills, learning to share and build their social skills.

Enriched Learning Programmes

Our Enriched Learning programmes align with the Early Years Frameworks giving young children a balanced introduction to learning and early exposure to maths, literacy, and social skills by engaging with well-known children’s books.

Maths and Literacy Programme

Begin Bright also has our flagship Maths and Literacy programmes designed to focus on developing these essential skills. This programme is ideal for children who are more confident with their learning and wish to progress their mathematics and literacy fundamentals.


Tutoring Programmes

Our main goal for children who attend our Tutoring programmes is that they feel happy and confident.

Whether your child is looking to improve or extend themselves in their learning, we believe every child should reach their potential.
Begin Bright primary years educational programmes can help any student from the very early stages of literacy through to textual analysis and confidently expressing their views in their writing. Similarly, Begin Bright programmes can help your child in their mathematics development journey from telling the time through to advanced multiplication scenarios.
Our programmes are taught in learning stages that align with school curriculums to help support children throughout  primary school.

The Primary Booster Programme

The Begin Bright Primary Booster programme aligns with the national curriculums. The programme is designed to support children in their first year of primary school by reinforcing and extending learning based on their schoolwork.

Through a combination of group, one on one, and independent work, children obtain a good foundation of reading principles while also reviewing single sounds, blend sounds and then introducing sight words, punctuation and writing.

In Mathematics, this programme focuses on understanding concrete concepts behind the abstract questions. At this year level, children can connect names, numerals, and quantities for numbers. We encourage fluency in counting sequences, adding and subtracting, and developing problem-solving skills.


STEM and Art Programmes

Begin Bright’s S.T.E.M and Art workshops nurture the natural curiosity of primary school children.  Begin Bright encourages a social environment where children continue to learn and explore after school or during school holidays with our extra-curricular programmes. Begin Bright’s extra-curricular programmes include S.T.E.M and Art workshops. During these sessions, children engage creatively in real-world problems, applying their understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in integrated and innovative ways. Our workshops are engaging and varied, with lots of variety for all interests and abilities. With over 100 lessons, there is something for everyone. The activities we offer are diverse, ranging from scientific experiments and engineering challenges to creative projects, developing and supporting discovery and exploration.

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