Meet Danielle

29.03.22 09:04 AM By Begin Bright

Meet Danielle from Begin Bright at Berwick

Meet Danielle, the new owner of Begin Bright at Berwick in Victoria, Australia.

Danielle started at Begin Bright as a teacher when Begin Bright at Berwick opened in 2017. Danielle quickly became a well-loved member of the Begin Bright team and has applied her 14 years of teaching experience to help little learners become happy, smart and confident!


Danielle says, “I enjoy working with my students and building a positive relationship with them in order for them to find success in their learning.  

I love the Begin Bright Program and value the educational experience it gives our students in all learning areas through a mixture of meaningful and fun activities. I love that no one class is the same, as each session allow us to tailor towards our student’s needs.” 


As the new owner of Begin Bright at Berwick, she has enjoyed connecting with the Berwick community and hopes to continue to do this in the future. She plans to continue to grow Begin Bright at Berwick by offering more classes to help their students learn.


To find out more about Begin Bright at Berwick programmes, you can contact Danielle and the team at or follow their Facebook page here.


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