Getting started with Begin Bright

22.03.22 10:58 AM By Begin Bright

Is running your own business for you?

We look for the following five things in every Begin Bright licensee:

1. You have to love success

We’re looking for people who love success, who love getting out there and making things happen. People who enjoy being around children in a learning environment and helping them succeed.

2. You’ve got to love being in charge of your own life

With Begin Bright, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. You’ll have the backing of the Begin Bright brand, but it is you who needs to want to take charge and make your business work.

3. You’ve got to love helping people

Begin Bright helps children learn in a fun and exciting way that will stick with them forever. You are also helping their parents by giving them confidence that their children are doing well.

4. You’ve got to love a great lifestyle

Working from home, setting your timetable, spending time with family and friends is what lifestyle is all about. We want people who join our Begin Bright network to be fun-loving and want to create a great business so that you can live the lifestyle you want to lead.

5. You’ve got to be disciplined

Being your own boss will give you so much freedom. The person to keep you doing the work day-to-day is you. Be sure that you will love the work and want to do it well.


Plan your business

Having a business plan is an essential part of starting a business, but it is equally important to update and review your plan regularly.

Some benefits of having an active business plan

  • Helps you to make decisions
  • Helps to give an overview of your current situation
  • Can give you new ideas
  • Creates an action plan

Often it can seem overwhelming and ‘too hard’, so it gets left behind. But it doesn’t need to be; you can adjust your business plan to suit what you need to plan and run your business successfully. Breaking it down into smaller pieces will help you get it all together.

Some good government sites in your state to help you are:

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