Day in the life of a Begin Bright licensee

07.04.22 10:25 AM By Begin Bright

If you’re thinking about joining the Begin Bright network and starting your own business or expanding your existing one, you might be imagining and planning how your business would run and what your day might look like. We thought you might like a little of our insight, having helped people just like you get started in their own business over the past ten years on what their day might involve.


Imagine this….


You wake up excited, no tedious 9 – 5 job for you. You are making a difference in the lives of children every day, fulfilling your passion for children’s education. 

You don’t need to rush because you’ve planned your programme so you can be with your children or perhaps you might be enjoying a slower pace in the mornings. 

Maybe you don’t have children, so you’ve scheduled a fitness class or coffee with friends. 

Whatever you choose to do, you make the schedule that suits you and your lifestyle.


Once you’ve dropped your children at school or daycare (or fitness or coffee), you head to your classroom. You might have a fixed location in a shopfront or office, or maybe you have a mobile business and move around teaching classes in a community space, as an example. With Begin Bright, it’s your business, and you’re free to run it to suit you.


You’ve checked the bookings the previous day and can see that lots of people have booked online. When you set up your business, you can set up an online booking system suited to your business. When you join the Begin Bright network, you decide what you need to run your business. Our network has been designed to be very flexible. 


You’ve checked the lesson plan online; you’ve got all the resources ready and set up for your class. The children arrive and are excited to see you; a quick hello to parents as they sign their child in, and you take the children to class to start.

The lesson plans are easy to follow, and the children love it, having so much fun and not realising that all the time they are learning! 

It’s great to see how they gain confidence and knowledge so quickly. 

You’re having fun too, and you are able to adapt the programmes to suit your style and the children’s needs and abilities. 


Planning your programmes so that you run early years programmes in the morning before children get too tired and tutoring in the afternoon after school leaves some time in the middle of the day for lunch and to do your administration, responding to enquiries as well as getting out into your community to introduce yourself and let everyone know about your business and the Begin Bright programmes, this is part of your local area marketing plan.


Being flexible is one of the great things about running your own business. You don’t have to teach the programmes; you might just want to run the business – you can! You can employ teachers to teach while you run the business, leaving you free to be with your children or to do the other things in life that you value.


Maybe you only want a part-time job? Easy, just schedule classes on the days that suit you. Full time? Not a problem. Being your business, you receive the benefits of your hard work. 

Just want to run the early years programmes and leave your afternoons free? Done. You can choose to purchase a licence for one or more of the Begin Bright programmes.


You’re in business for yourself, but you’re not by yourself. Begin Bright supports you with national marketing of the programmes and refers any customer enquiries for your area to you. We also have all your details listed on our website with thousands of visitors every month. 


So what do you think? 

Can you picture yourself having the freedom and rewards of running your own business? 

We can, and we’d love to help you get started. 

We’ve made it really easy, contact us now to secure your location and find out how quickly and easily it is to get started.